Cheapest Promo Fare at Php 16

Piso Fare Promos: It's #REDHotSale Alert thru Air Asia PH! This is one of the earliest Christmas treats from the airlines that you can avail. Though you might be expecting much on the next Piso Fare Promo update, however, there is none yet! But we have a better bargain on plane fares. Actually, the are really very affordable! Talk about the cheapest at Php 16! How is that? For sure it is a domestic flight from Clark but that is something you can definitely avail. And it is not just the only promo, four more cheaper plane tickets are up for grabs! These awesome deals will definitely make you oogle. So if I were you now, grab this opportunity of cheap Air Asia plane fares.

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Booking Period: 13-19 November 2017
Travel Period: 7 May 2018- 31 January 2019

Cheapest Piso Fare Promo is P599

Piso Fare Promo 2018: We have passed half of the year and we are nearing to its end. And this time, Cebu Pacific has launched a new set of promo fares for us to take advantage. If we scroll down, the travel period of such promos is good until June of 2018. So there's a lot of coverage then. We highly suggest to check back our travel journals in the previous year to see if we have achieved our destination dreams that we set for this year. There are three outstanding domestic flights promo fares that we can choose for this selling period. Wanna check out?

It is definitely cheaper to travel to Dubai from Manila (one way ticket) than some domestic routes going to Bacolod, Cebu, Boracay, Tablas, Tacloban, etc. with a price of Php 967! Kudos to Cebu Pacific for offering it. Whereas, we can spend the same fare, All in, One way flight to Kota Kinabalu and/or Siargao. Interesting, isn't it? Just make sure that when traveling outside the country, would require a passport. 

Promo Fares for 2018 first quarter

Piso Fare Promo 2018: The last quarter of the year is so near but yet, we are still getting positive that a Piso Fare Promo might be announced sooner or later and netizens will definitely rejoice for an early Christmas gift. However, local airlines are still releasing cheaper fares but are a bit higher than Php 1. One Piso. If you are a frequent traveler like us, one way to achieve our #travelgoals and realized is also our quest in finding promo fares online from Cebu Pacific, PAL or even Air Asia Ph. Right now, we share with you our latest finding. For a plane ticket fare of all in, one way flight from Davao to Tagbilaran (Bohol) will cost one P599 only. Well, this is definitely good new if you are coming from Davao. If not, there are other promo fares available. Shall we check?

Since the promo update from Cebu Pacific is just limited to a certain destination, passengers can still be hopeful of affordable plane tickets. As we all know based on the data below. Taking a flight to an international city in Asia is a bit cheaper.