Piso Fare 2018 by Cebu Pacific

Piso Fare Promos 2018: Eyes here! This is what we all been waiting for! Another P1 Fare, Piso Fare Promo for 2018. Before the year ends and before the calendar hits January 1, 2018, Cebu Pacific has been so generous this time to offer another Piso Fare promo. And We are very sure that everyone gets crazy over this! But again, take a lot of patience, darling! We hope that you are the first to know about this promo fare! Mind out the following details.

Selling Period: December 28 to 29, 2017
Travel Period: July 1 to December 15, 2018

It is essential that you know the travel period so you won't get disappointed if you don't see any Piso Fare promo on your chosen dates.

2-day Piso Fare 2018 Sale

Piso Fare Promo 2018: How are you fellow travelers? Are you surprise of this latest announcement from Cebu Pacific? They will be having a 2-day Piso Fare Promo Sale starting November 29 to November 30, 2017. This is definitely a holiday treat for all of us! What are you waiting for? Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast as well as your fingers. Be ready with the necessary details needed to book your tickets especially for international flights! 

Travel Period is June 1 to October 27, 2018

Piso Sale is for both Domestic and International flights!

As proof of this information, below is a screenshot from our email received from Cebu Pacific:

Here's the sample of the breakdown for your guidance:

Collated and reposted by: Piso Fare Promos

Cheapest Promo Fare at Php 16

Piso Fare Promos: It's #REDHotSale Alert thru Air Asia PH! This is one of the earliest Christmas treats from the airlines that you can avail. Though you might be expecting much on the next Piso Fare Promo update, however, there is none yet! But we have a better bargain on plane fares. Actually, the are really very affordable! Talk about the cheapest at Php 16! How is that? For sure it is a domestic flight from Clark but that is something you can definitely avail. And it is not just the only promo, four more cheaper plane tickets are up for grabs! These awesome deals will definitely make you oogle. So if I were you now, grab this opportunity of cheap Air Asia plane fares.

Hurry, grab our low seats at http://bit.ly/AirAsiaREDHOTSALE

Booking Period: 13-19 November 2017
Travel Period: 7 May 2018- 31 January 2019

Cheapest Piso Fare Promo is P599

Piso Fare Promo 2018: We have passed half of the year and we are nearing to its end. And this time, Cebu Pacific has launched a new set of promo fares for us to take advantage. If we scroll down, the travel period of such promos is good until June of 2018. So there's a lot of coverage then. We highly suggest to check back our travel journals in the previous year to see if we have achieved our destination dreams that we set for this year. There are three outstanding domestic flights promo fares that we can choose for this selling period. Wanna check out?

It is definitely cheaper to travel to Dubai from Manila (one way ticket) than some domestic routes going to Bacolod, Cebu, Boracay, Tablas, Tacloban, etc. with a price of Php 967! Kudos to Cebu Pacific for offering it. Whereas, we can spend the same fare, All in, One way flight to Kota Kinabalu and/or Siargao. Interesting, isn't it? Just make sure that when traveling outside the country, would require a passport. 

Promo Fares for 2018 first quarter

Piso Fare Promo 2018: The last quarter of the year is so near but yet, we are still getting positive that a Piso Fare Promo might be announced sooner or later and netizens will definitely rejoice for an early Christmas gift. However, local airlines are still releasing cheaper fares but are a bit higher than Php 1. One Piso. If you are a frequent traveler like us, one way to achieve our #travelgoals and realized is also our quest in finding promo fares online from Cebu Pacific, PAL or even Air Asia Ph. Right now, we share with you our latest finding. For a plane ticket fare of all in, one way flight from Davao to Tagbilaran (Bohol) will cost one P599 only. Well, this is definitely good new if you are coming from Davao. If not, there are other promo fares available. Shall we check?

Since the promo update from Cebu Pacific is just limited to a certain destination, passengers can still be hopeful of affordable plane tickets. As we all know based on the data below. Taking a flight to an international city in Asia is a bit cheaper.

Lowest Fare is Php 17

Piso Fare Promos: Planning ahead for future travels is really essential nowadays with the presence of low cost airlines like AirAsia PH offering low plane ticket fares to their passengers. Don't be sad if no Piso Fare Promo yet but the good news is, you can avail a ticket price for as low as Php 17. It is an all-in one way fare from Clark going to either Kalibo (Boracay) or Davao. How is that? If I were you, I would still take advantage of it.

One good thing about this promo is that you have ample of time or say months to come up with an itinerary or perhaps, set your travel goals with family, friends or maybe just yourself.  You have to great choices to visit. Either Visayas-bound with Boracay or Mindanao-bound with Davao. Here are other details that you need to put in mind.

 Booking Period: 11-17 September 2017
Travel Period: 1 March- 21 November 2018

This is obviously for next year, 2018 travel folks. And if you prefer other destinations, there's a bigger chance that you can book a ticket to Iloilo for as low as Php 202. So definitely, don't miss it out.

Additional Flights and some Promo Fares 2018

Piso Fare Promo 2018: Here's a current update for the country's low cost airline, Cebu Pacific as it increases its flight frequencies to three international routes. Certainly, expect promo fares to be offered to these Asian cities. The airline plans to boost its frequencies of flights to Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. Because, the holiday season is definitely just around the corner and it is said to culminate from the 4th quarter of 2017 until the 1st quarter of 2018. This is a perfect holiday treat for passengers who might plan to visit these country to spend their Christmas vacation.

Here's a good read for more information about the boost of flight frequency to the said selected international destinations mentioned above:

Lowest Fare at P 699

Piso Fare Promos: After we celebrate the National Heroes day here in the Philippines, we are so glad that Air Asia Philippines has recently released their very affordable plane fare to some select destinations. The lowest fare one can book is P699 bound to Kalibo (Boracay) from Clark (Pampanga). However, there are other cheaper promo fares for both local and international routes that plane passengers can avail as well. Though up to this time, no piso fare promo yet is available online. We highly suggest that frequent travelers to avail of such cheaper fares.

Those coming from Cebu can avail a cheaper one way all in ticket to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur at a price of P2290. Please finish reading down below to check other flights on promo. Should you wish to book your tickets now through Air Asia Ph, pls. refer here: http://bit.ly/AirAsiaNewWonders

These are some of the information you keep in mind when purchasing your promo tickets online, Booking Period: 28 August- 3 September 2017 and the Travel Period: 28 August- 25 February 2018

Hail to this low cost airline, Air Asia Philippines for giving us a very low fare to book and avail. You can do advance booking of plane tickets since the travel period extends to February next year! How cool is that? Read more below.

ASEAN Turns 50

Piso Fare Promo 2018: Would you like to guess what we are celebrating today? The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN turns 50! It is like 5 decades of union of the SE countries sharing opportunities to each members. Since its inception in 1967 with then five countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, it has now become a total of ten members joining in are Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. So that's a bit of history for ASEAN.

Wherein, we have to say kudos to Air Asia for offering their promos to these countries. As of this time, the lowest ticket you can book domestically is around Php 950 as an all-in, one way fare to Kalibo or Davao.  Travel period starts on August 7, 2017 until February 08, 2018. Make sure to book your plane tickets until August 13, 2017.  Continue reading below as there are more cheaper plane tickets offered by Air Asia PH.

Are you excited to book your promo tickets? You may visit Air Asia's Website  here

Affordable Fare Up To Php 799

Piso Fare Promo: When our calendar hits the month of August, we can say that we are at least 1 month closer to celebrating our Christmas season. Yes, "Ber" months are indications we are leading to a path of the merry holidays. And to ride on with this thing, this low cost airline has launched their Cebu Pacific Promo Fare that is good until August 4, 2017 as a selling period. When it comes to the travel period, it is good until December 31, 2017. So that means, you might be booking a plane ticket within the holiday period. And as early as now, we have the opportunity to purchase our tickets through Cebu Pacific's website here

If you are still looking for a Piso Fare Promo, you will be disappointed as there is no promo of such. Instead, you can make use of what's available now with Cebu Pacific. The cheapest domestic fare you can book is around Php 799.  For those coming from the Zamboanga Peninsula, you are privileged to travel to either Cotabato or Tawi-Tawi. And DavaoeƱos have the option to book a flight going to Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Tacloban or even Zamboanga.

This is an opportunity for all of us to book our plane tickets for this coming holidays. There are still many promo fares that we can book within this year. Keep reading below for all the information on how much you can spend for a one way fare.

Ongoing promo of Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: Don't get too sad folks if you weren't able to book a flight when AirAsia Philippines had their cheapest promo until July 30, 2017. As of today, Cebu Pacific also launched another promo fare. It's actually a continuation to their previous promos. A flight from Cebu to Cotabato or Ormoc is only Php 599 All-in. This is definitely something worth to try. As a matter of fact, there are a number of activities and tourist spots you can check when you are with these places in Visayas and Mindanao.

For those targeting an international flight and is dying to visit Hong Kong due to their extensive advertisement in both tv and the web, it will only cost you around Php 899 all-in trip. Yes! In less than a thousand, you can now travel abroad these days! Millennials have a lot of opportunities to take advantage.

But of course, continue to scroll down below as there are still affordable plane tickets that you can book through the airline. Book your promo tickets here.


Philippine Destinations

Cheapest Fare you can book is Php 99

Piso Fare Promo : Time to have your eyes set in here as AirAsia Philippines introduces their newest promo fare offering for this year's travel! The cheapest plane ticket you can avail is Php 669, All In, One-way fare. The flight route is coming from Kalibo going to Cebu, Davao and Kalibo. And also the base station from Manila with a destination to Caticlan (Boracay), Cebu, Kalibo (Boracay) and Tagbilaran (Bohol). It's a definitely something you can afford. Traveling by plane nowadays is really made easy with the presence of low cost airlines just like Air Asia Ph.

Booking period: July 21 to 30, 2017
Travel period: July 21, 2017 to December 15, 2017

Piso fare promos for this month has been keeping us passengers praying for any low cost airlines that we have here in the Philippines to open their ticketing system again with such P1 fare. As we noted, that the previous month in June, Cebu Pacific has released a very short chance to everyone to book a Piso fare. Yet, a lot has not been able to avail such promo.

However, this time, Air Asia Philippines recently released their promo fares for domestic flights especially those coming from Manila and Kalibo.

Air Asia Promo Fare at P799

Piso Fare Promo: If you think this current affordable plane ticket price from AirAsia Philippines suits your travel budget, then you have to be prepared for more promo fares to choose from as you read along. The good news is that those flying from Davao will have the prime advantage in booking a cheaper ticket of around Php 799 going to three key cities in the Philippines. And these are Cebu, Clark and Manila. How is that? We know that a lot of you are still looking forward to the next release of the Piso Fare Promo. But as of the moment, there is a more cheaper fare that anyone can avail.

Booking Period: July 17- July 30, 2017 
Travel Period: July 17- December 15, 2017

However, if you are flying from Manila, a one-way ticket going to Cebu, Kalibo, Tagbilaran, Taipei, Macau and Guangzhou will cost you around Php 1199 to Php 2499. More details below.

There is so much to do in Taipei and Macau. A lot of streetfoods and shopping districts in Taipei. And if you love the casinos, well, you can enjoy the entire day 24x7 when you stay in Macau. Of course, the city has a lot to offer as well from food to tourist attractions to entertainment and a lot more! It's just a ferry ride from the island of Hong Kong. 

Promo ticket up to 20% Off!

Piso Fare Promo :  This is the sale alert that we have been talking for days! We have until July 16, 2017 to book a promo ticket courtesy of the recently awarded low cost airline, AirAsia Ph. They are offering up to 20% off on plane fares. Fly from Manila to Cebu, Tacloban, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, and many more destinations and take advantage of this promo. Take note of the travel period is from July 17, 2017 to November 23, 2018 only. Here's a destination we suggest you take. Tagbilaran city in Bohol will have a colorful activity dubbed as the Sandugo Festival where you expect a lot of street drancing, beats of drum and lively music, colorful costumes and a showcase of great food from the Boholanos. The festival is held annually in honor of Bohol's great  revered leader in his time, Datu Sikatuna.

Below will show you some of the select routes where you can avail the promo within the duration. Aside from going to Tagbilaran in Bohol, you have an option to visit Davao, Caticlan where Boracay is or go international like Kota Kinabalu or Taipei.  You have to really be patient when finding a promo fare especially that the seat sale is nearing its end.

Php 599 Promo Fare to Cotabato or Ormoc

Piso Fare Promo 2018:The Piso Fare promos from low cost airlines is now over! But don't you get a little disappointed if you weren't able to book a single plane promo ticket during that time. Cebu Pacific is here once again with some select promo fare offering to domestic destinations. The airline could be inviting you to visit and see the grandeur of Ormoc and Cotabato with what they can offer. It launched a new promo fare of an all-in fare of Php 599 to the said destinations above. What do you think you will find when check these provinces? Is there something beautiful? Will your experience be amazing? How is it different from other tourist destinations? Well, we have set some pointers that you might consider for your next adventure or family trip. Booking is only until July 13, 2017.

So what to expect when you visit Ormoc?

Promo Fare Php 399

Piso Fare Promo: There are more reasons why AirAsia Philippines has to give out their promo fares for as low as Php 399. They have just been recently awarded for the 9th consecutive time as the World's Best Low-Cost Carrier by Skytrax.  You can enjoy this all-in one way fare if you fly from Cebu to Kalibo, Davao, Taipei and many more destinations! So head to on AirAsia's webisite here to book your tickets and make sure to save a lot of patience when finding promo tickets.

Take note of the booking period: July 3 to July 9, 2017.

Travel period: January 15 to August 28, 2018.

As you know, booking promo fares on the website is a bit of a challenge. As we have said above, a little patience is really needed as dates that you wanted to travel might be booked already. So you have to find another alternative date.

Tickets are still exclusive of mandatory taxes and necessary fees. But at least, the fare are still lower! That's something you can take advantage of. You still have a few days for a chance to book a cheaper fare.

Php 99

Kalibo to Boracay

Php 399

Cebu to Kalibo
Cebu to Davao
Cebu to Taipei

Php 1499

Manila to Kota Kinabalu
Manila to Boracay via Caticlan
Manila to Tagbilaran
Manila to Tacloban
Manila to Kuala Lumpur

Clark to Davao

Php 2099

Cebu to Singapore

Rates are exclusive of Domestic Passenger Service Charge, Web Admin Fee/Booking Processing Fee and Country Specific Charges/taxes. ASC Ref No: A024P062917A

Collated and reposted by: Cebu Pacific Piso Fare

Piso Fare Promo June 2017

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: Hello everyone! This is the moment we are all waiting for! At last, Cebu Pacific has finally announced their Piso Fare Promo!!! But you better be quick in booking your promo tickets! Booking period is only until tomorrow, June 30, 2017! Don't think twice, keep those fingers scroll for piso fare promos! When you book your plane ticket, the travel period is good until next year, March 2018. Details below.


We are very sure a lot of you is awake now and getting you eyes hook to your computer screen! Take out your calendar now and double check the dates of your travel!

Mabuhay Seat Sale at P599

Piso Fare Promo: Mabuhay, Philippines to all Filipinos around the world commemorating our 119th Independence Day! It's definitely worth a celebration of our freedom and with that, we are free to fly anywhere in the country or the world with this latest seat sale from Cebu Pacific. We only have until tomorrow to book the plane ticket. However, not all domestic flights are part of this P599 all-in fare. Only selected routes are currently on promo. For those Manila residents that wished to fly to some provinces and/or local cities may book a flight that will cost around P1099 all in. Listed below are the domestic flights with their corresponding  route destinations. Cebuanos may enjoy a ticket spree to book to destinations like Boracay (Caticlan), Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, Clark, Davao, Kalibo, Legazpi, Ozamiz, Puerto Princesa, Siargao or Surigao. There are just so much activities to do in these places and not to mention, an ample of tourists spots to wander. Book now!

Passengers coming from these base points (Cagayan de Oro, Clark, Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga) may enjoy the P599 promo fare set by Cebu Pacific. Those coming from the capital, Manila may still be able to avail cheaper fares below P2K to their preferred destination. Check the details below.

Cheapest Fare to book at Php 17!

Piso Fares 2018: How are you doing with the recent Red Hot Sale from AirAsia? Have you book a plane ticket or tickets now? The seat sale is still ongoing until June 11, 2017. Days ago, we have mentioned above the priority booking given to AirAsia BIG members, however, that is over now. There are still a lot of promo fares available for you to purchase! Will give you some overview of the cheapest promo tickets you get.  The Php 17 all-in, one-way fare from these routes:  Clark to Davao and vice versa, Clark to Kalibo and vice versa, Davao to Kalibo and vice versa and Davao to Cebu is still up for grabs. Below, will be presenting as well the next available affordable air fare you can book.

For those Cebuanos that are planning to visit Davao next year, this is the best time to book your plane tickets! It's just Php 317. Those coming from Puerto Princesa (Palawan) may purchase their ticket going to Cebu for only Php 699! But let us check other promo fares from AirAsia Philippines!

Red Hot Sale from AirAsia on June 5 to 11, 2017

Piso Fares 2018: Fellow plane passengers and travel enthusiasts, eyes here! A little birdie dropped by with a message of surprise! Indeed, AirAsia has released their latest seat sale to start on June 5, 2017 until June 11, 2017.  And of course all AirAsia BIG members will have the chance for this 24-HR MEMBERS-ONLY PRIORITY BOOKING! The travel period for this Red Hot Sale is from January 15, 2018 to August 28, 2018. No Piso Fare Promos yet, but we are happy to tell you that the cheapest domestic all-in fare you can book is Php 16! Yes, as a cheap as that, you can fly to Davao, Cebu, Kalibo and Clark!

Make sure to get ready with your mobile phones, computers, tablets and download the AirAsia app and double check your internet connection too on June 5, 2017! And if you are not yet an AirAsia BIG member, you better sign up here now. Only members are given a 24-hour priority booking!

New VisMin Flights from Cebu Pacific

Piso Fare Promos: Don't you know that Cebu Pacific will have new local flights to and from VisMin cities? Around 5 new domestic flights are said to take off on July 26, 2017. These new flights are the following: Cebu and Masbate, Davao and Dumaguete, and Zamboanga and Cotabato (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga, & Davao and Tacloban (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). That's like trips scheduled like three time a week! So don't forget to plot your flight schedules. You might want to consult your desk calendar for that matter.

So what's the cheapest plane ticket whole year round that you can book via CebuPacific?

P799 promo fare to Visayas and Mindanao

Piso Fare Promo: We still have a lot of reasons to be grateful while we are waiting for a seat sale on Piso fare promos from Cebu Pacific. Certainly, there is none at the moment but there are cheaper fares that we can avail. The recent airline promo ticket affordable fare released by Cebu Pacific is P599 with Cebu as the base station. Routes would point to Calbayog, Cotabato, Ormoc and Roxas.

But there are still other affordable piso promos going to other Visayan and Mindanao destinations. For P799, those coming from CDO may have the chance to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol and Bacolod.  Bohol definitely has a lot to offer from white sand beaches, chocolate hills, bee farm, butterfuly sanctuary, calamay delicacies and etc. While for Bacolod, it is known for their chicken inasal, Calea cakes, Bong Bong's piyaya, the Ruins, the Campuestohan and a lot more.

And if you want to experience on what's to be in a safari, well, we have that in the Philippines! And that is in Coron! You may choose to have a safari tour in Calauit, Coron and definitely enjoying the scenic views of the island too! Of course, Boracay is still the top list of most tourists both local and foreign. But the Philippines is an archipelago and there are a lot of attractions the country boast for!

So are you ready to purchase your tickets on promo?

New Promos PH website

Promos PH: Hi Everyone! We have another worthwhile treat for you from this website. As you know, this site we only display information and updates about Piso Fares and Piso Sales from the different low cost airlines we have here in the Philippines.  We would like to introduce our new website that features various promos that we could find online and offline for you to take advantage. We will be posting a wide-range of discount vouchers, hot deals, promo offerings and other sale updates.  What's the new site? Check below:

Please visit www.promos.ph (it aims to provide you promo codes or discount vouchers from various online shopping sites in the Philippines from Lazada, Zalora, Ebay, Airlines and other online products to cater your personal needs).

By this time, hope you get a broader picture of what the website is all about. We are definitely excited for this announcement to all of you, our readers and fans! We also have one favor from you, please like and share our new website's different social media accounts below and by doing so, you will have the chance to avail a 20% discount when you buy this teeth whitening kit we will share with you as you read along.

Php 58 Plane Fare with AirAsia Philippines

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: To all travelers out there just like us, let's be glad of this new promo fare released by AirAsia Philippines in the hope to stretch the summer feel for those who have not enjoyed it at the moment. We can now have the opportunity to visit some tourist destinations on a later travel period with this new promo! And how does a Php 58 All-in, one way plane ticket sound to you? That's really cheap! And with this less than a hundred plane fare, we can have the opportunity to visit a number of destinations!

Booking Period: May 22-June 4, 2017
Travel Period: May 23- November 30, 2017 Travel Period (Manila-Caticlan/Cebu-Caticlan/Davao-Caticlan): May 23-June 18, 2017
Travel Period (Cebu-Kalibo/Davao-Kalibo): June 19-November 30, 2017

For those coming from Kalibo, the options are endless from a choice to visit international trip to Shanghai, or a domestic flight to Cebu, Clark or Davao.

P700 to Coron, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Bohol

Piso Fare Promos: Welcome to this new Cebu Pacific Promo Fare that is just launched today and booking period is until May 24, 2017. Piso fare promo is currently not available with regards to other airlines as well. Even after summer, one of the most-picked destination in the Philippines is still Boracay. Yes, if you haven't have the time this summer, for the rest of the months, it could be your moment and time. Get a chance to book a ticket and take advantage of the cheap offering. Another option is also visit Panglao or Anda beach in Bohol. Or check some cold spring and falls in Leyte! There are a lot of local flights that are alson on promo, so please take a good time to read further below to know the cheapest plane tickets you can buy.

Below is the list of routes and some select destinations on promo. 

P599 to Boracay

Cebu Pacific Piso fare: In this recent update of CebuPacific, you can still visit and enjoy the pristine waters and white sand beach of Boracay with a cheaper plane ticket coming from Clark (Pampanga). That's at ticket promo fare of Php 599. With the same price as well, you can also fly to Coron in Palawan. Go nature-tripping and explore the seas and climb mountains in these beautifully created picturesque wonders of the Almighty above.

And for other local destination for the same promo fare of Php 599, you can check Bacolod and enjoy their famous chicken inasal and dessert haven, Calea. Of course, a lot of the tourist spots in the city of smiles! An option is also to visit back Bohol via Tagbilaran. You're not only be checking those world-known primates, the tarsiers but the Bohol island has a lot to offer. The place boasts beautiful white sand beaches as well in Panglao and have you heard of Anda beach? You better find it out. You can avail of the promo if you're coming from Cagayan de Oro. So all Cagay-anons, this is your chance to visit these places of wonder!

How is Php 799 Promo for you?

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: To all our fans and readers, we regret to inform you that there are no P1 fare promos yet but don't need to worry! Cebu Pacific has come up with promo flights that you can avail both local and international flights.  It seems trips to the Visayas region have cheaper promo airfare. There are famous local tourist attractions. If by any chance you have been to these places, it's about time to bring as well some of your friends, or families or new found lover back to these picturesque wonders of the world.

Below are promo details. Php 799 is the cheapest plane ticket you can have. Mind the base stations where the promo is effective. But then again, fees and taxes do apply when booking online. Also mind the travel dates where the promo is also set. Happy booking!

P899 Cheapest Promo Fare to Taipei or Hong Kong

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: A lot of  us fellow travelers and jet setters are looking forward to Labor Day on May 1, 2017 in the hopes that CebuPacific might release a Piso Fare Promo. However, we might be disappointed as there is none. But there are cheaper promo fares especially if you wish to check some international flights! The cheapest you can get is Php 899 as the base fare going to Taipei or Hong Kong. Note, taxes and fees do still apply when you book plane tickets.

With the selected domestic flights. The cheapest you can get is Php 599! So that is still a bargain and fair price when booking your tickets, With that pricing too, you can visit Boracay direct via Caticlan already.  Or perhaps, check out Coron. It's thought to be the last frontier of the Philippines. It's an island somewhere in Puerto Princesa. Do ever mind the travel period when booking your tickets online. Feel free to click those in the sidebars and on top to book your plane tickets with our partners.


Piso Fare Promo might be available in the next months to come so keep your fingers crossed we are too would like to avail such promo from any airlines in the Philippines. The domestic promo fares are not that expensive. So if I were you, I would still grab the chance to book this very affordable plane ticket as of the moment.

Php 799 cheapest domestic fare

Promo Airfare: To those who have not booked their promo tickets from Cebu Pacific last time, this is your last chance to purchase one as the 50% off promo on international flights is extended. Do check out CebuPacific website to check if there are still available promos. However, not all Asian cities are part of the said promo. Going to Bali, Indonesia from Manila would cost you around Php 3399 for a one-way fare! Well, there's a lot of things to do in Bali. So buying the regular fare is still a good buy. For those targeting the middle east like Dubai and Kuwait, the regular fare is at Php 6399. And you can come from any local city in the Philippines as your base station. Kindly refer below.


Piso Fare Promo 2017

International Flight Tickets at 50% Off

Piso Fare Promo: Waiting for a new Cebu Pacific Piso Fare promo this time? It feels disappointing but you don't need to actually worry! Because, CebuPacific has just released their promo updates with a validity until April 26, 2017. Some of their select international routes are currently under 50% promo fare! That's close to having a 1Piso fare. But at least, you will just need to pay half of the base fare price! That's already a bargain of plane ticket! You have now the luxury to book your flights and travel outside the Philippines. Just make sure your passport is valid for travel. Double check it!

If you're planning to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, you might need to pay Php 1799 for the one way fare coming from Manila.  And if you're planning to go to Dubai or Kuwait from some major key cities of the Philippines, you might need around Php 6K for your fare. Again, not all international destinations are covered with the 50% promo of CebuPacific.

Piso Sale from AirAsia Philippines to Guangzhou

Piso Fare Promo: Eyes here darlings! Here's the latest PISO SALE from AirAsia Philippines! But don't get too excited! It's only for the newest route launched by the said airline. It's the Manila to Guangzhou route that flies 4x a week! That is every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday! Our overseas Filipino Workers will definitely benefit this new route schedule by AirAsia Philippines.


Promo Airfare at the lowest Php 799 from CebuPacific

Promo Tickets: Well there is no Piso Fare promo yet as of this time, the cheapest you can get for an all-in one way fare is Php 799 via CebuPacific. This summer you have a lot of options to explore the beautiful local tourist spots of our country, Philippines. Getting famous by both foreign and local turistas is the Aglicay Beach of Romblon. If you want to check it out, you can by booking a plane ticket. But if you prefer to get out of the country for summer, nothing or no one could stop you so!


Your option is visiting Taipei and take a photo of the tallest building in Southeast Asia, the Taipei 101 tower! Singapore is also a no brainer. Most Cebuanos travel to Singapore just to shop! Or maybe, you can do a side trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoy their very tasteful cuisine! Thought of curry! Of course, our no. 1 tourists coming to the Philippines are South Koreans and there's a promo fare from CebuPacific as well to Seoul and it's definitely very affordable! How is that? Let's all book our promo airfare now!

Promo Tickets at Php 599!

Promo Airfare: Summer is obviously shining brightly with all the colors that you can't just resist but go out with your family and friends for a perfect getaway. As a treat to our dear graduates, Cebu Pacific has released their newest promo tickets and these fares are really affordable with an all-in one way fare of P599. How is that? You have until March 31 to book your plane fares. Most of the local destinations are on promo. So if you haven't been to Calbayog to experience their waterfalls, then grab your keyboards and book your promo tickets now!

Targeting an international flight? Well, rejoice sweetpeas! A trip to the merlion city or the tallest building in Asia will only cost you P1599. Isn't it that really affordable for an international trip? Of course, you're not limited to these two, you can fly in to Brunei, or Macau! Amazing isn't it?



Promo Tickets

Cheapest Fare going to Naga or Tablas

Promo Airfare: CebuPacific has just released this week their latest Promo tickets that anyone can purchase through their website. Special promo fares for those going to Naga or Tablas from Manila with the cheapest you can get at Php 1099 all-in fare. The next domestic flights you can look are destinations going to Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Kalibo (Boracay) Roxas or Tacloban. The all-in one-way fare for these routes is only Php 1499. If you're thinking where to have a summer getaway, this is the best time to purchase your plane tickets.  For international flights, cheapest is a ticket to Taipei.


Cebu Pacific Promo fares are not yet available as of the moment. If you have remembered, CebuPacific just launched their P1 fare promo in the month of February within 2 days and all tickets on promo are all sold out! So take advantage of this update on the cheapest fares you can buy online. Just head to cebupacificair.com and book your plane tickets. 

Promo Tickets From AirAsia Philippines

Promo Tickets: Here's something new from AirAsia Philippines as they launch their latest #RedHotSale starting March 13, 2017. If you are still expecting Cebu Pacific Piso Fare, forget about it and just focus with what AirAsia can offer to you. As soon as the clock strikes 12:01 am on monday, you can now search for plane fares on promo!


Booking Period: Mar 13-19, 2017

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: Php 399 all in fare from Air Asia Philippines

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: Looking for promo tickets from Air Asia Philippines? You're in for a cool summer treat! We're launching new routes from Cebu and Davao! For an all-in one way fare of P399. You can visit these domestic destinations. See below. Cebu and Davao are to key cities in the Philippines aside from the capital Manila. As you know these two cities have fast rising economy and trade in the country. It is expected that a lot of business men, traders, and commercial people to traveling back and forth to these cities. Thanks to Air Asia Philippines for coming up with these two new domestic routes. A lot of travelers as well will be happy with this latest offering.


Cebu to Davao, Caticlan, Puerto Princesa

Davao to Cebu, Clark, Caticlan, Puerto Princesa

Piso Fare Promo 2017 to 2018

Piso Fare 2017: Piso Fare Promo 2017 is now here! Rejoice all travelers around the world! Take advantage of this Piso Fare 2017 PROMO from Cebu Pacific! This is the moment we are all waiting for. Is your budget ready to book plane tickets this year? Have you made your travel goals during new year? Well, you better do because this Piso fare promo will only last for a day! Definitely, you'll be needing to rush to Cebu Pacific's website now to book your tickets! It's a sweet treat to all travelers like us before Valentine's day!

You can now fly to any Cebu Pacific destination whether domestic or international now for as long as the travel period is within this year. P1 for all, all for one! How is that? This is a wonderful offering now from the low cost airline. I hope the rest of the airlines in our country will follow through.


International Destinations

For as low as

P2,099 All In

Manila to Sydney

Collated and reposted by: Piso Fare Promo 2017 to 2018

Chinese New Year Sale 2017 from AirAsia Philippines

Piso Fare Promo 2017: Still no Piso Fare for 2017 at the start of the new Chinese calendar. It's the year of the Fire Rooster. Make this Chinese New Year be the start of something great with our awesome SALE! Good fortune awaits you when you book your flights now at http://bit.ly/AirAsiaAwesomeCNYSale! There are promo fares coming from Cebu, the Queen City of the South that you can avail at Php 1,422 as starting one-way fare. Take advantage of this great offering through AirAsia Philippines. Now is the time to really plan your vacation until August.


Low fares start at P1,099, ALL-IN! Fly from Manila to Kalibo, Tacloban, Macau, Shanghai and many more destinations!

P899 Promo Fare from Cebu Pacific

Piso Fare 2017: Hello Everyone! How are you doing with the latest updates from different low-cost airlines with their current promos? Hope our blog gives you all the necessary information to compare fare prices. You may book at your own convenience. Or better yet, you may contact the airlines directly if you have any further queries. As of now, there are no Piso Fare 2017 promo yet. But most of the airlines now like Cebu Pacific has a new promo fare for Calbayog, Roxas and Ormoc coming from Cebu for only P899. Yes, that's an all-in fare!

Let's check with the international routes, the cheapest you can book is P1599 coming from Manila, Cebu, Clark, Iloilo and Davao. You may refer to the uploaded photo we have below or the details are also indicated.


Book now till Jan 15, 2017! bit.ly/fb01132017

Make sure to like our facebook page for the most quick and fast update on promos from all the airlines flying in and out of the country. As of the moment, no Piso Fare yet but we will definitely update you once we have the information.

P699 AirAsia Promo Fare for 2017

Piso Fare 2017: Hello dear readers who are looking for Piso fares and promo fares for this year 2017! Though, there is no Piso Fare 2017 update yet. But here's what we got form our mailbox! AirAsia Philippines has released their latest promo update with P699 All-in Fare in some domestic flights like Manila to Cebu or Kalibo. But we have a secret to tell! There is more cheaper than that. If you are from Kalibo and you wish to go to Manila, you will only need to pay P514. How is that? You may refer below for details.

AirAsia Philippines is the country's best low-cost airline that you can take to bring you to destinations where you want to be. You may directly book here: http://bit.ly/EARLYbirdSALE!


See what Asia and Australia has to offer with AirAsia, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline. Explore over 100 destinations in Asia and Australia with our everyday cheap flight ticket deals. Get cheap flights to Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chennai and more! We are the leading low-cost airline to offer you the cheapest flights to Asia and Australia. Our flight tickets from Singapore to Hong Kong, Singapore to Langkawi and even Malaysia to Thailand are the cheapest in town! So what are you waiting for? Get your cheap flights now and fly with AirAsia.


Booking Period: NOW till 15 Jan 2017
Travel Period: 1 May 2017 till 6 Feb 2018

Promo Fare 2017 For Summer

Piso Fare 2017: If you are looking for piso fare for 2017, you'll be disappointed. At least, for now. As none is yet available via Cebu Pacific. Instead, they have released a new promo fare that could be fit for your next summer vacation this year. Only selected destinations are on promo and flights are coming from Manila. So take note of that. The cheapest you can for this week is P1499 with destinations going to Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iloilo, Tacloban, etc. Pls. check below for complete list of cities currently on promo.

Are you planning to have windy summer fun in another country? Maybe you have Bali in mind? The cheapest all-in fare is P2799. You could take advantage of it. The same fare could also bring you to Busan, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, and even Seoul.  To those South Koreans staying or having a short-term course in the Philippines, may avail this promo too way back to their homeland.


New Promo Fares for 2017 Launched!

Piso Fare Promo 2017: A lot of us are expecting a Piso Fare from Cebu Pacific for January 1,  the first day of the year 2017. But no, Cebu Pacific has not released any. Don't be disappointed fellow travelers, as there are promo fares just launched today by CebPac. You can actually try to take advantage to book your tickets for the number of long weekends this year! We recommend you avail it as early as now! Should you wish to book your tickets now, click here: bit.ly/fb01042017

The cheapest one-way, all-in fare you can get for a domestic trip from Manila is P1499. With this promo, you can actually now take a flight to Bacolod, Cauayan (Isabela), Cebu, Iloilo, Kalibo, Legazpi, Masbate, Naga, Roxas, San Jose (Mindoro), Tacloban or Tuguegarao. There are no other promos from other base destinations. So if you hail from Manila, you're just so lucky to avail these promos!

If you wish to visit other countries this year, there are a lot of cheaper promos you can avail. Like for P2099, you can now visit Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore! You may also want to check other Asian cities like Bali, Busan, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Kuala Lumpur.

I know, a lot of Koreans are traveling to Boracay. There's a direct trip back to your city, Seoul from Kalibo and that's on promo fare! So take advantage of that!

For more Piso Fare promos, keep praying! But we promise, you'll be the first to know!