P899 Cheapest Promo Fare to Taipei or Hong Kong

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: A lot of  us fellow travelers and jet setters are looking forward to Labor Day on May 1, 2017 in the hopes that CebuPacific might release a Piso Fare Promo. However, we might be disappointed as there is none. But there are cheaper promo fares especially if you wish to check some international flights! The cheapest you can get is Php 899 as the base fare going to Taipei or Hong Kong. Note, taxes and fees do still apply when you book plane tickets.

With the selected domestic flights. The cheapest you can get is Php 599! So that is still a bargain and fair price when booking your tickets, With that pricing too, you can visit Boracay direct via Caticlan already.  Or perhaps, check out Coron. It's thought to be the last frontier of the Philippines. It's an island somewhere in Puerto Princesa. Do ever mind the travel period when booking your tickets online. Feel free to click those in the sidebars and on top to book your plane tickets with our partners.


Piso Fare Promo might be available in the next months to come so keep your fingers crossed we are too would like to avail such promo from any airlines in the Philippines. The domestic promo fares are not that expensive. So if I were you, I would still grab the chance to book this very affordable plane ticket as of the moment.

Php 799 cheapest domestic fare

Promo Airfare: To those who have not booked their promo tickets from Cebu Pacific last time, this is your last chance to purchase one as the 50% off promo on international flights is extended. Do check out CebuPacific website to check if there are still available promos. However, not all Asian cities are part of the said promo. Going to Bali, Indonesia from Manila would cost you around Php 3399 for a one-way fare! Well, there's a lot of things to do in Bali. So buying the regular fare is still a good buy. For those targeting the middle east like Dubai and Kuwait, the regular fare is at Php 6399. And you can come from any local city in the Philippines as your base station. Kindly refer below.


Piso Fare Promo 2017

International Flight Tickets at 50% Off

Piso Fare Promo: Waiting for a new Cebu Pacific Piso Fare promo this time? It feels disappointing but you don't need to actually worry! Because, CebuPacific has just released their promo updates with a validity until April 26, 2017. Some of their select international routes are currently under 50% promo fare! That's close to having a 1Piso fare. But at least, you will just need to pay half of the base fare price! That's already a bargain of plane ticket! You have now the luxury to book your flights and travel outside the Philippines. Just make sure your passport is valid for travel. Double check it!

If you're planning to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, you might need to pay Php 1799 for the one way fare coming from Manila.  And if you're planning to go to Dubai or Kuwait from some major key cities of the Philippines, you might need around Php 6K for your fare. Again, not all international destinations are covered with the 50% promo of CebuPacific.

Piso Sale from AirAsia Philippines to Guangzhou

Piso Fare Promo: Eyes here darlings! Here's the latest PISO SALE from AirAsia Philippines! But don't get too excited! It's only for the newest route launched by the said airline. It's the Manila to Guangzhou route that flies 4x a week! That is every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday! Our overseas Filipino Workers will definitely benefit this new route schedule by AirAsia Philippines.


Promo Airfare at the lowest Php 799 from CebuPacific

Promo Tickets: Well there is no Piso Fare promo yet as of this time, the cheapest you can get for an all-in one way fare is Php 799 via CebuPacific. This summer you have a lot of options to explore the beautiful local tourist spots of our country, Philippines. Getting famous by both foreign and local turistas is the Aglicay Beach of Romblon. If you want to check it out, you can by booking a plane ticket. But if you prefer to get out of the country for summer, nothing or no one could stop you so!


Your option is visiting Taipei and take a photo of the tallest building in Southeast Asia, the Taipei 101 tower! Singapore is also a no brainer. Most Cebuanos travel to Singapore just to shop! Or maybe, you can do a side trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoy their very tasteful cuisine! Thought of curry! Of course, our no. 1 tourists coming to the Philippines are South Koreans and there's a promo fare from CebuPacific as well to Seoul and it's definitely very affordable! How is that? Let's all book our promo airfare now!