New VisMin Flights from Cebu Pacific

Piso Fare Promos: Don't you know that Cebu Pacific will have new local flights to and from VisMin cities? Around 5 new domestic flights are said to take off on July 26, 2017. These new flights are the following: Cebu and Masbate, Davao and Dumaguete, and Zamboanga and Cotabato (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga, & Davao and Tacloban (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). That's like trips scheduled like three time a week! So don't forget to plot your flight schedules. You might want to consult your desk calendar for that matter.

So what's the cheapest plane ticket whole year round that you can book via CebuPacific?

P799 promo fare to Visayas and Mindanao

Piso Fare Promo: We still have a lot of reasons to be grateful while we are waiting for a seat sale on Piso fare promos from Cebu Pacific. Certainly, there is none at the moment but there are cheaper fares that we can avail. The recent airline promo ticket affordable fare released by Cebu Pacific is P599 with Cebu as the base station. Routes would point to Calbayog, Cotabato, Ormoc and Roxas.

But there are still other affordable piso promos going to other Visayan and Mindanao destinations. For P799, those coming from CDO may have the chance to visit Tagbilaran, Bohol and Bacolod.  Bohol definitely has a lot to offer from white sand beaches, chocolate hills, bee farm, butterfuly sanctuary, calamay delicacies and etc. While for Bacolod, it is known for their chicken inasal, Calea cakes, Bong Bong's piyaya, the Ruins, the Campuestohan and a lot more.

And if you want to experience on what's to be in a safari, well, we have that in the Philippines! And that is in Coron! You may choose to have a safari tour in Calauit, Coron and definitely enjoying the scenic views of the island too! Of course, Boracay is still the top list of most tourists both local and foreign. But the Philippines is an archipelago and there are a lot of attractions the country boast for!

So are you ready to purchase your tickets on promo?

New Promos PH website

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Php 58 Plane Fare with AirAsia Philippines

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: To all travelers out there just like us, let's be glad of this new promo fare released by AirAsia Philippines in the hope to stretch the summer feel for those who have not enjoyed it at the moment. We can now have the opportunity to visit some tourist destinations on a later travel period with this new promo! And how does a Php 58 All-in, one way plane ticket sound to you? That's really cheap! And with this less than a hundred plane fare, we can have the opportunity to visit a number of destinations!

Booking Period: May 22-June 4, 2017
Travel Period: May 23- November 30, 2017 Travel Period (Manila-Caticlan/Cebu-Caticlan/Davao-Caticlan): May 23-June 18, 2017
Travel Period (Cebu-Kalibo/Davao-Kalibo): June 19-November 30, 2017

For those coming from Kalibo, the options are endless from a choice to visit international trip to Shanghai, or a domestic flight to Cebu, Clark or Davao.

P700 to Coron, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Bohol

Piso Fare Promos: Welcome to this new Cebu Pacific Promo Fare that is just launched today and booking period is until May 24, 2017. Piso fare promo is currently not available with regards to other airlines as well. Even after summer, one of the most-picked destination in the Philippines is still Boracay. Yes, if you haven't have the time this summer, for the rest of the months, it could be your moment and time. Get a chance to book a ticket and take advantage of the cheap offering. Another option is also visit Panglao or Anda beach in Bohol. Or check some cold spring and falls in Leyte! There are a lot of local flights that are alson on promo, so please take a good time to read further below to know the cheapest plane tickets you can buy.

Below is the list of routes and some select destinations on promo. 

P599 to Boracay

Cebu Pacific Piso fare: In this recent update of CebuPacific, you can still visit and enjoy the pristine waters and white sand beach of Boracay with a cheaper plane ticket coming from Clark (Pampanga). That's at ticket promo fare of Php 599. With the same price as well, you can also fly to Coron in Palawan. Go nature-tripping and explore the seas and climb mountains in these beautifully created picturesque wonders of the Almighty above.

And for other local destination for the same promo fare of Php 599, you can check Bacolod and enjoy their famous chicken inasal and dessert haven, Calea. Of course, a lot of the tourist spots in the city of smiles! An option is also to visit back Bohol via Tagbilaran. You're not only be checking those world-known primates, the tarsiers but the Bohol island has a lot to offer. The place boasts beautiful white sand beaches as well in Panglao and have you heard of Anda beach? You better find it out. You can avail of the promo if you're coming from Cagayan de Oro. So all Cagay-anons, this is your chance to visit these places of wonder!

How is Php 799 Promo for you?

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare: To all our fans and readers, we regret to inform you that there are no P1 fare promos yet but don't need to worry! Cebu Pacific has come up with promo flights that you can avail both local and international flights.  It seems trips to the Visayas region have cheaper promo airfare. There are famous local tourist attractions. If by any chance you have been to these places, it's about time to bring as well some of your friends, or families or new found lover back to these picturesque wonders of the world.

Below are promo details. Php 799 is the cheapest plane ticket you can have. Mind the base stations where the promo is effective. But then again, fees and taxes do apply when booking online. Also mind the travel dates where the promo is also set. Happy booking!