Cheapest Fare to book at Php 17!

Piso Fares 2018: How are you doing with the recent Red Hot Sale from AirAsia? Have you book a plane ticket or tickets now? The seat sale is still ongoing until June 11, 2017. Days ago, we have mentioned above the priority booking given to AirAsia BIG members, however, that is over now. There are still a lot of promo fares available for you to purchase! Will give you some overview of the cheapest promo tickets you get.  The Php 17 all-in, one-way fare from these routes:  Clark to Davao and vice versa, Clark to Kalibo and vice versa, Davao to Kalibo and vice versa and Davao to Cebu is still up for grabs. Below, will be presenting as well the next available affordable air fare you can book.

For those Cebuanos that are planning to visit Davao next year, this is the best time to book your plane tickets! It's just Php 317. Those coming from Puerto Princesa (Palawan) may purchase their ticket going to Cebu for only Php 699! But let us check other promo fares from AirAsia Philippines!

Php 1399

Manila to Kota Kinabalu (international)

Manila to Taipei-Taoyuan (international)

Davao to Puerto Princesa and vice versa

Php 1699

Cebu to Taipei-Taoyuan

Php 1899

Manila to Tagbilaran

Php 1999

Manila, Cebu, Kalibo to Kuala Lumpur

Php 2499

Manila to Hong Kong

Php 2899

Manila to Jakarta

Visit AirAsia here to book your tickets.

Hope these options would not confuse you. But if you have the money to buy these cheap tickets for next year's travels, you better do. It is better to grab this chance when the Red Hot Sale is running for a few more days until June 11, 2017.

AirAsia Philippines has been so generous with their promo fares. So for our fans and readers of this blog, if you're still waiting for a Piso Fare Promo, none at the moment. But this one for AirAsia is really a good bargain! Grab this chance now!

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  1. I was expecting more cheap flights

  2. I am a Big Member and i was supposed to receive a notice midnight before promo started. I only got the email the other day.So, Big Member isn't a priority. Or was I the only one unnoticed?

  3. How to book my desire flight choice,?