ASEAN Turns 50

Piso Fare Promo 2018: Would you like to guess what we are celebrating today? The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN turns 50! It is like 5 decades of union of the SE countries sharing opportunities to each members. Since its inception in 1967 with then five countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, it has now become a total of ten members joining in are Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. So that's a bit of history for ASEAN.

Wherein, we have to say kudos to Air Asia for offering their promos to these countries. As of this time, the lowest ticket you can book domestically is around Php 950 as an all-in, one way fare to Kalibo or Davao.  Travel period starts on August 7, 2017 until February 08, 2018. Make sure to book your plane tickets until August 13, 2017.  Continue reading below as there are more cheaper plane tickets offered by Air Asia PH.

Are you excited to book your promo tickets? You may visit Air Asia's Website  here

Make sure to be very patient when looking for promo fares as there are a lot of passengers too finding what you might be looking for. Below are some promos that we have searched and we hope this could ease your search time on the website.

Flights with promo fare:

Php 950

Cebu to Kalibo, Davao and Singapore

Php 1,050

Clark to  Kalibo and Davao

Php 1,150

Manila to Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Taipei, and Guangzhou

Below are other routes currently on promo with Air Asia PH:

Davao to Kalibo From PHP 1,050
Clark to Davao From PHP 1,099
Cebu to Kalibo From PHP 950

Manila to Macao From PHP 2,550
Manila to Hong Kong From PHP 2,350
Cebu to Kuala Lumpur From PHP 2,250

What are the opportunities and benefits when a member country is part of the ASEAN? Let's discuss that below in bullets:

  • Establishing of policies for protection of migrant workers from each countries.
  • Micro, small and medium enterprises are given opportunities to grow and improve in an international setting.
  • Installment of internet for better connectivity
  • Humanitarian aid in times of calamities and disasters.
  • Career opportunities for professionals and can work anywhere they want.
  • Educational and Technical recognition through levels of certificates accepted in any member country.
  • Visa-free travel is definitely a nice benefit. Don't you think?
  • It's good for the economic market by adopting a production base for services.
  • A move to protect biodiversity
  • Southeast Asian students my cross-enroll in any top universities of the region.

With that in mind, it means a lot of traveling and transportation of goods, services and passengers. And biggest of that, we can think of a bigger picture with another entity to play a role with this decades of association among countries. Low cost airlines like Air Asia may have the responsibility as well. Thanks to the promo fares offered.

Rates are exclusive of Domestic Passenger Service Charge, Web Admin Fee/Booking Processing Fee and Country Specific Charges/taxes.

ASC Ref No: A140P080317A

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