Piso Sale 2018 to 2019 by Air Asia

Piso Fare Promos 2018: After the Royal Wedding, this is another moment that we all are waiting for. The #RedHotPisoSale of AirAsia PH will soon be up in a few hours from now. Well, actually when the clock hits 12 midnight later. Find out fares that has a Php 1 BASE Fare. But before getting crazy with this sale, there are a few reminders that you need to do so that you fully enjoy the piso fare promo. 

Here is something you need to take note when booking online:

Travel Dates: November 1, 2018 to August 13, 2019
Selling Period: until May 27, 2018

Air Asia PH has put some tips before booking any plane ticket. Let's check it out.

1. Sign up as an AirAsia BIG Member to get instant notifications on our sale.

2. SEE THEM FIRST ON FACEBOOK! Make sure to enable the SEE FIRST function on their page! Seeing them first will surely help you be notified about their #RedHotPisoSale updates!

3. DOWNLOAD THE AIRASIA MOBILE APP! The #RedHotPisoSale will start at the midnight of May 21. If you're not on your computers 24/7 and if the web connectivity is not stable, then booking via the mobile app is your next best bet!

4. FINALIZE YOUR TRAVEL DATES. Better take note of your travel dates options before our sale starts to avoid expiry of your session!

So enjoy guys! Even without your laptops or computers, for as long as you have installed the app on your mobile phones, you will have the chance to book this Piso Sale from AirAsia PH.

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