Piso Fare Promo for 1 day!

Piso Fare 2020: Eyes here for another 1 day flash sale until December 5, 2019! Cebu Pacific is offering a Piso Fare Promo right now and just be quick to book plane tickets before it ends withing 24 hours! The two international destinations on P1 sale on its base fare is Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These places are in China!

So if you have plans to visit that country between now and May 31, 2020, then better grab this chance to purchase your one way ticket as that is currently on P1 fare promo.

Of course, more PROMOS you can find at the SIDE and TOP of this post. Feel free to click and check them.

So far, there are no Piso fare promos for local flights here in the Philippines as of this writing. This is intended only for the two international destinations we stated above.

But if you think you don't feel visiting those two, there are other routes that has a cheaper fare as well that you can take advantage.