Can we carry Essential Oils when we travel?

Essential Oils Cebu - Because of our current health crisis situation, the world is adapting to the new change in the field of tourism and travel industry. There are certain guidelines and requirements that countries imposed in terms of safety travel for passengers. Airline companies also need to adhere to their policies like standards in disinfection before and after any flights. This is to ensure the highest health safety is observed for all passengers and employees of the aircraft.

This is another blog post and may not be specific about Piso Fare Promos. However, this article is relevant and related to plane traveling. How well do you know about essential oils? How about aromatherapy? Have you heard them before?

With the protocols and the new normal now, we have to keep ourselves healthy or at least boost our immunity. Mandatory health clearances and PCR test are required before we can actually travel by plane or even by sea. One way we can help ourselves with is the use of essential oils to support our wellness. Of course, the right education is needed about the methods of using essential oils.

The aromatherapy history is dated around 4000 B.C. that has been started by different ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Persians, Chinese and Indians.

Are you familiar about this Biblical setting during the time when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem? THREE KINGS visited him in his manger and brought him gifts. Do you know what are those gifts? We are very sure you've memorized them. These are FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH and GOLD. Both frankincense and myrrh are aromatic essential oils.

See how old people are using essential oils? Even before the time of Jesus! Well, it is all in the bible. Even religious rituals have used aromatic essential oils in the past or even up to our very modern times.

Now, are you interested with aromatherapy?

Check out Essential Oils Cebu for a good read and valuable information about the safety use of oils.

Traveling with Essential Oils

One can carry with him or her a single spray bottle of blended aromatic essential oils. It can serve as a personal sanitizer or room or linen spray that is on the go. You can spray it on the stools, public chairs, cover seats, on your pillows, blankets, the room in a hotel, or when you are having a moment in a rest room. These essential oils have volatile chemical compounds that have antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial properties that are beneficial to us.

Below are the common essential oils that supports the respiratory system and even improves our immune system giving us an extra form of protection aside from the vitamins we take or the face mask and face shield we cover our face with.

For the right blend and correct dosage, it is best to always consult a certified essential oil specialist or aromatherapist in your area.


Again, do remember that essential oils or aromatherapy is not an alternative to western medicine. They are certainly NOT CURES for any circumstances.

Consult a doctor for certain sickness or disease for their prescribed medicines as cure.

NEVER use essential oils as alternative treatment or cure for any specific illness. They are just complementary or support to modern medicines prescribed by doctors.

Be always careful of distributors or sellers of essential oils that will convince you that it is an alternative medicine. Because it is NOT!

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